22. October: Interesting morning with CA highlights

It took longer than expected to listen through the recordings I made on my first dx-pedition to Niihama this fall on 21-22.10. I think I was lucky with the conditions, since the large proton event spoiled the promising cx next day. Especially the morning between 0500-0530UTC was interesting giving stations from Florida, Caribbean and even Central America.

Night started with the mix of Latin America and east coast US stations. Later at night average conditions to COL-VEN area and some Caribbean. Best catch was probably 1130 HJAC Emisora Rio Mar. Later on some Caribbean e.g. nice id from 1440 HIAK Radio Impactante.

As the sunrise was closing it was getting more interesting. Lots of Cuba and Florida at 05 UTC and it was hard to determine whether to use 310 or 277 degrees antenna. The best conditions at the moment of local sunrise about 0520UTC when the Mexican 860 XECTL Radio Chetumal came loud and clear for about 5 minutes.

After the sunrise still some stations but now the eastern part of USA was dominating and 310 degrees beverage was working much better than 277 degrees. Still at 06UTC and 0630UTC lots of the usual stuff from east coast to the great lakes.

Thanks for all the guys that listened my audio clips, especially for Henrik Klemetz with help to id XECTL.

Jouni (JKZ)



610 22.10 0500- USA: WIOD Miami FL. Id after Fox News. Some Rebelde QRM. JKZ/N
680 22.10 0500 USA: WRKO Boston MA. TOH id and ABC News. Later on Doug McIntyre's Red Eye Radio -px. JKZ/N
730 22.10 0530 CAN: CKAC Montreal QC. "Radio Circulation" with traffic px in French. JKZ/N
790 22.10 0500 USA: WAXY South Miami FL. Delightful signal. Strongest station from Florida. JKZ/N
890 22.10 0519 USA: WAMG Dedham MA. At the time "Mega 8-90, 1400" -id but also "La Nueva Mega" was still in use. JKZ/N
970 22.10 0453 USA: WZAN Portland ME. "Talk Radio 9-70 WZAN". JKZ/N
990 22.10 0530 CAN: CKGM Montreal QC. "Montreal's Sportsradio 9-90 The Team". JKZ/N
1060 22.10 0500 USA: WQOM Natick MA. EWTN-px.. JKZ/N
1160 22.10 0333 BER: VSB3 Hamilton. BBC WS -px. JKZ/N
1230 22.10 0500 USA: WSBB New Smyrna Beach FL. Promotes Gator Football. CNN News. JKZ/N
1250 22.10 0525 USA: WDDZ Pittsburgh PA. Radio Disney -id. Should be ex-WEAE? JKZ/N
1290 21.10 2304 USA: WKBK Keene NH. Id after CBS News. JKZ/N
1290 22.10 0520 USA: WJNO West Palm Beach FL. "Miami Dolphins play on 12-90 WJNO". JKZ/N
1300 22.10 0300 USA: WWRV New York NY. JKZ/N
1320 22.10 0459 USA: tent. WLQY Hollywood FL. Creole french talk but no id. JKZ/N
1400 22.10 0500 USA: WOND Pleasantville NJ. Side by side with CBC. JKZ/N
1410 22.10 0500 USA: WMYR Fort Myers FL. Struggling with WPOP but id barely audible. JKZ/N
1430 22.10 0517 USA: WKOX Everett MA. "Mia 14-30" in spanish. JKZ/N
1480 22.10 0600 USA: WSAR Fall River MA. Id after WHBC. JKZ/N
1490 22.10 0500 USA: WMBM Miami Beach. Mentioned New Birth Enterprise several times. Gospel format. JKZ/N


740 22.10 0513 CUB: CMKO R Angulo. "Onca Cero" -night programme. For a while // 1110. JKZ/N
800 22.10 0518 BON: TWR Bonaire. "Radio Trans Mundial. Desde La Isla de Bonaire, Antillas Holandesas". JKZ/N
840 22.10 0100 CUB: CMKC R. Revolucion, Santiago de Cuba. Several stations on the fq. This was on the top of a pile at the hour. JKZ/N
860 22.10 0522- MEX: XECTL Radio Chetumal, Chetumal. The best catch of the morning. Mexicans are quite rare to hear in southern Finland. Henrik Klemetz compared my clip to station's net stream and "Radio Chetumal - más potente que nunca" -slogan matches. Thanks Henrik! JKZ/N
940 22.10 0030- PTR: WIPR Maxima 9-40, San Juan. Dominant at night and morning. JKZ/N
1060 22.10 0029- CUB: CMDL R. 26, Matanzas MA. JKZ/N
1080 22.10 0517 CUB: R. Ciudad de la Habana. QTH probably Güines. Impressive signal on this "euro" fq. JKZ/N
1120 22.10 0100 PTR: WSMW R. Once, Hatillo. Legal id with call letters at this hour. JKZ/N
1140 22.10 0031 CUB: CMIP R. Surco, Ciego de Avila CA. JKZ/N
1230 22.10 0357 CUB: R. Progreso, unid QTH. JKZ/N
1320 22.10 0143- PTR: WSKN R. Isla, San Juan. "Radio Isla 13-20". JKZ/N
1350 22.10 0456 PNR: HOZ38 BBN, Panamá. Very clear short closing(?) id "Esta es BBN" and himno. JKZ/N
1430 22.10 0202 PTR: WNEL R. Tiempo, Caguas. JKZ/N
1440 22.10 0203 DOM: HIAK R. Impactante, Santo Domingo. "Esta es H-I-A-K 14-40 AM, Santo Domingo capital de la Republica Dominicana, Radio Impactante". JKZ/N
1470 22.10 0500 MEX: XERCN Tijuana BC. This was a surprise since almost nothing else was heard from the west coast. JKZ/N
1470 22.10 0600 CUB: R. Rebelbe. QTH probably Las Tunas. "Rrradio Rrrebelde!". Is this former Radio Victoria? JKZ/N
1520 22.10 0200 PTR: WVOZ R. Cadena Voz, San Juan. Burger King ad and "Radio Cadena Voz" -id. JKZ/N
1640 22.10 0158- DOM: HI.. R Juventus don Bosco, Santo Domingo. Gave id and web address. JKZ/N
1700 22.10 0500 MEX: XEPE, Tecate BC. Small female voice gave short "X-E-P-E milsetecientos" -announcement between macho men ESPN voices. JKZ/N


700 22.10 0501 EQA: HCRS2 R. Sucre, Guayaquil. JKZ/N
790 22.10 0455 VEN: YVMX R. Minuto, Barquisimeto. "En Radio Minuto, primera de sintonia, 12 25 minutos". JKZ/N
820 22.10 0505 CLM: HJED Caracol, Cali. JKZ/N
890 22.10 0330 VEN: YVLW R. America, Valencia. "La Onda de la Alegria". JKZ/N
920 22.10 0343 VEN: YVQU R. San Carlos, San Carlos. JKZ/N
1060 22.10 0336 CLM: HJLY R. Delfin, Riocacha. JKZ/N
1130 22.10 0100 CLM: HJAC Emisora Rio Mar, Barranquilla. "Emisora Rio Mar 1130 AM HJAC Poderosa... Son las 8 de la noche en punto." First log in Finland since 2008. A bit on the higher side of 1130, perhaps about 1130,07. JKZ/N
1190 22.10 0500 EQA: HCDE2 UCSG Radio, Guayaquil. JKZ/N
1250 22.10 0138- CLM: W Radio, Cúcuta. JKZ/N
1309.69 22.10 0300 CLM: HJAK La Voz de la Patria, Barranquilla. JKZ/N
1350 22.10 0100 CLM: HJOC RCN Santa Marta. "rcnmundo.com" -promo. JKZ/N
1360 22.10 0518 CLM: HJTU R. Oxigeno, Cartagena. JKZ/N
1400 22.10 0329 CLM: HJLL RCN Antena 2, Santa Bárbara. JKZ/N