DZGR Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao 891 QSL

On 13th of March I was amazed to hear 891 DZGR Bombo Radyo Tuguerarao starting their daily broadcasting with English station announcement and national anthem just before 21UTC. As far as I know it was the first time DZGR has been heard in Finland. The station was my best catch from Asia in Niihama DX-cabin this spring.

I tried to send reception report to DZGR but my e-mail bounced back with over quota message. Last night I sent follow-up report and this time they had cleaned their e-mail account because this morning I found new Facebook friend request from Philippines. I had a very nice chat with broadcaster Genesis Racho today. He confirmed my reception and then told me that he thought radio is getting left behind especially in highly industralized countries like Finland. I admitted that he was partly right. Only DX-listeners still listens AM radio stations while young people are on the internet. Genesis told that in Philippines AM radio still works as a "substitute internet" for many people who could only afford radio.

DZGR Bombo Radyo Tuguerarao employs 5 anchors, 6 reporters, 4 newswriters and some people working on technical side. It is a typical size for local stations of Bombo Radyo Network. Every Bombo Radyo station has a big drum in their studio that anchor bounces during broadcasting. Drum is the signature of Bombo Radyo broadcast media and it is also what people remember about Bombo Radyo.

DZGR Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao 891 signing on announcement heard in Niihama, Tampere, Finland on 13th of March 2017 at 20.58UTC.
DZGR Bombo Radyo Tuguegarao crew.