Niihama CASA updated

December 2013 edition of Central and South American MW-stations catched in Niihama dx-cabin of Tampere DX Club  is now updated: please click ”Logged CA/SA 6.1.2016” at Niihama DX of this blog. The sunspot maximum of the current cycle 24 will very likely be determined to April 2014, so MW cx haven´t been so fruitful as before 2013. Moreover, in the ”antenna forest” landlord has realised some logging and so number of beverages have been reduced since January 2014, which inevitably affects to the amount of MW loggings.

Total count of CA stations (Central America and the Caribbean) is 118, only 5 more than two years ago. Luckily to more southern directions there has been little more cx windows beside those so many solar cycle origin interferences. Balancing fewer cx automated remote whole MW band recordings have reduced the presence at the cabin and listening live, but also later on given a better awareness of the cx content, and given more stations, also 40 new FFN. La Plata –listening has never been active in Niihama, contrarily, but now solar maximum cx has finally given us Uruguay as a new country (R Continental 1600/ JPF) and more than doubled our tiny Argentinian haul from 6 to 14. By far the most rewarding day for this period has been January 21st 2014, when JKZ exploring the N-trawl enjoyed special Medellín cx with even 18 new FFN-stations!

I hope, in addition to Niihama statistical value, this CASA sheet will serve as a help list in whole southern Finland for the most likely stations from Latin America.

73 JVH