Jan-Feb 2014 QSLs: Some Asia and CLM-VEN

Last September-October after nice Far-East conditions I sent about a dozen reports to Japan and still some QSLs are coming slowly but steadily:

JOJB NHK2 Kanazawa daini hoso 1386
Nice full data QSL and promo material for snail-mail report. New WRTH has messed up the addresses of NHK2 stations, but you can find local addresses from NHK regional web sites. Correct address for this one is: 14-1 Ohtemachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa 920-8644, Japan.
JOUR NBC Radio, Nagasaki 1233
After 4 months stylish japanese QSL-card and short letter addressed "To whom it may concern".
JOWF STV Radio, Sapporo 1440 and
JOWL STV Radio, Asahikawa 1197
Very friendly letter and full data QSL from STV Radio Technical Section signed by Yoshiaki Amano. He verified my both reports to JOWF and JOWL. I was especially happy to hear 3kW JOWL 1197 in Tampere on the 20th of October 2013.

Verifications from Chinese stations are pretty hard to get. In January I sent 15 reception reports to China with letters in Chinese and CD and I am still waiting for my first verification. Meanwhile I have been lucky to receive two e-mail verfications.

Anhui Jingji Guangbo, Hefei 864
Nice e-mail in Chinese verified my report of Anhui Economic Broadcasting Channel. V/s remembered my last year report to Anhui Agricultural Radio. Anhui RGD seems to be one of the very few chinese stations to have listener service and a person appointed to handle reception reports.
Zhengzhou Jingji Guangbo, Zhengzhou 1458
I wrote short report to guestbook found from the station website and was lucky to receive two emails. They even made an article about my reception report on their webpage. This 1458 channel is not listed on WRTH 2014 and other Zhengzhou fq 792 is also missing.

My DX-highlight of the winter was a short but intense opening to CLM-VEN-PNR on the 21st of January. Especially the stations from Medellín were coming with full force. Peculiarly no stations from Bogota were audible.

YVOF Radio Trujillo, Trujillo 1280
Surprise station from 21.1 superb opening. Nice email letter with photo of station's pick-up in front of antenna mast, but no v/s name mentioned.
HJAZ Frecuencia Bolivariana, Monteria 1160
This one received many reports from Finland after the 21st of January. Coordinador Mario Sanchez Arteaga was still nice enough to verify my report with email. Thanks to HK for helping with this one.
HJNL La Cariñosa, Manizales 1450
Very nice signal and local announcements on 21st of January. Director Jaime Sanchez quickly verified my report. Thanks to TIK for v/s-info.
HJNT Radio Huellas, Cali 1470
Nice e-mail letter from Pedro Arturo Suarez. This same station HJNT (with different name Radio Total) was my very first MW-station from South America heard way back in the end of 1980's.
YVNE Radio Uno, Caracas 1340
E-mail verification letter from three directors of the station.
HJDU Emisora Cultural Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín 1410
Great looking formal PDF-letter with University's official letterhead signed by Directora.

This winter I have heard only one new North American station for me:
WXRL Lancaster NY 1300 verified my audio clip with nice letter and congratulated Finnish Olympic Hockey Team after sending USA team back home without medals.

Also one WPAS verification:
St. Joseph Church, Miltown Malbay Parish, Miltown Malbay, Diocese of Killaloe, Co Clare 27731 kHz. E-mail from Parish Secretary. This small 2200 people parish on the West Coast of Ireland has 2 churches.

Jouni (JKZ at sdxl.org)